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see both of them smiling and the warmth they shared as twins, it brought a smile to my face everyday. as you said before you started your sister is smiling down today and it will live on for both of you, thank you. >> we are going to lower the tree and plant the tree in honor of vivian. miriam i'm so happy that you are here with us today >> i have glad to have seen all of you and hope you have a great day and never forget the beloved city of san francisco. >> we should turn around and get the shovels. after 3. 1, 2, 3.
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all right. [ applause ] . all right.
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>> -- to track stolen phones to be used in the field for other investigative purposes. that is approximately 977 dollars. >> you have a memo from the captain in your packets regarding this do nation. ironically to track cell phone thefts. is there anything you'd like to add? commissioners, questions or concerns? and is there any public comment regarding this matter.
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>> [inaudible] for quite a few times starting when he was the secretary for the police commission. i have a great deal of respect for him. i believe his promotion was well earned and i think in the [inaudible] if there's anybody in the department who would utilize this effectively it would be him. >> any further comments on this matter. hearing none, now closed. do i have a motion for acceptance. >> i move. >> all in favor. >> approved. line item number two. >> the public is now welcome to address items that do not appear on the agenda but are in the subject matter of the commission. on the police commission rules of order
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during public comment no commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response. we should refrain from entering into debates with public. >> good evening. how are you. >> i am fine. you get to be both the cutest guy in the room and the most powerful. >> you made my day. thank you. >> i hope so. and hello to jen. i haven't seen you in a long time and i hope that you did have an opportunity to read a street sheet when he was captain at southwest station and i wrote an article for the coalition on homelessness street sheet and it was called hotel hell and it was about the baldwin hotel. and there's a
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wonderful picture of you and the caption is although frequent visitors to the hotel, police never pay the visitors fee. so i don't know if you ever got to see that but that was, like, a million years ago. the reason i'm here is that i want to nominate a person for what i call the citizen's appreciation loan ranger lunchbox award. the /p*eurs i would like to accommodate is our captain for doing his loan ranger bruce lee combo in taking down a perpetrator who
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decided to pray upon an 80-year-old man in a walker and assault him. i'm looking forward to working with captain redmond. i hope i never have to see him in action, just the results of his good work. so this made it into the chronicle and there are others appreciative of that. i, having been in a walker since 2005, feel vindicated, but sadly so 'cause that could have been me going down the street.
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so it's good to see all of you and i'm taking bruce lee and the loan ranger back home to my apartment where i'm always armed and dangerous. that was for officer julio [inaudible]. one of our finest. >> next speaker please. >> if you didn't find out we have a new pope and he has chosen a name of francis and he is from argentina so it is the first time a hope has been elected in the western hemisphere. last month someone
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took exception to some of my remarks. i'm amazed when someone challenges the actions of a police officer no one has the integrity to show up to offend their own actions. the reason that was filed against him is because the law strictly cites that it has to be an elected official or a department head and bottom-line i was in the military for quite a few years and one of the things i learned is the co is
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responsible for everything that goes on under his or her command. one of the comments that mr. [inaudible] made were regarding sergeant goss. he talked about all the expertise he had, experience, so forth, but sergeant goss for all his expeer seize cannot answer a simple idr in compliance with the law. some people say i want to embarrass people with my remarks. if the order is embarrassing, it is members of the legal division that have embarrassed the chief, not me. the simple fact that the legal division can't seem to accept a public records request and answer it on a timely basis is unacceptable. and the chief is responsible to see that all of the officers, all of the staff under his command follow the
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law. in in this case he did not. you can say you're just being picky, but on a nine to one vote turns out i was right, it was not responded to properly. in particular they question to him is if a member of the public wants to file an immediate disposal request by email, what email address should they use and he couldn't answer the question. >> next speaker. any further public comments and general public comment. hearing none, now closed. please call line item number three. >> review of recent activities regarding [inaudible] robberies and prevention forth quart /-r
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2012. >> thank you members of the department and members of the public. i'm going to /ub date you on the recent events that have occurred in san francisco. as you know i'm filling in for chief [inaudible] in virginia. in addition to being in virginia he made a side trip to washington dc to talk about the bipartisan committee on gun violence and he stroke directly on a straw buying purchase that occurred in san francisco. i'll go through what the recent events that have been newsworthy from the chief's last report to this report, i'm happy to report that it's been relatively quiet. we have not had a homicide report. i still knock on wood for that. our
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violent crime has continued to decrease with the exception of our property crime and one of those crimes is gonna be discussed tonight regarding the robberies of iphones tonight and that type of thing. we seem to be up in robberies. they continue to be up and the presentation tonight will address that issue, along with prevention measures by the san francisco state division. some of the newsworthy events that have occurred was unfortunately we had a shooting on march 7th of bryant street. it occurred at 3:48 am. a male was shot in the torso. he was in his 30s, he was a passenger in a vehicle. the driver was not shot, the driver drove around looking for a hospital, flagged
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down a parking patrol officer mission in main, asked for directions to the hospital. they then stopped at davis and the victim was transported to san francisco general hospital. that is under investigation, we do not know the determination or cause of that shooting at this time. there was also a couple press releases. one was that there was an arrest made in san francisco regarding human trafficking and that is where a members of our special victims unit -- inspectors there -- the officers at richmond station and the fbi conducting investigation on prostitution of a minor. there was an arrangement made with the minor in the rich land district there where investigation was conducted and two male suspects were arrested for human
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trafficking. another news media that was unfortunate was we had attack of a 2-year-old toddler in golden gate park at the children's playground carousel where a female 28 yores old literally kicked a toddler that wasn't 2 years old. the officers responded from park station and did a wonderful job and table to take the suspect into custody. the 2-year-old girl was gonna be a flower girl in a wedding. she did not offer serious injuries at all, but just the emotional trauma to her is gonna be quite concerning to us. once again, an arrest was made in that. as
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the chief reported last week the public safety hub on the sixth street corridor was opened. as soon as it was open our officer quickly immediate an arrest as he was leaving the offices there where he witnessed an 80-year-old male in a walker being accosted by a suspect who literally punched him and knocked him to the ground. the officer sprung into action and took the suspect into custody. shows the great work they continue to do out there, especially the foot beats on sixth street. today also opened the other safety partners on sixth street along with public safety department are all now in and out of that office. so we're having some collaboration and a
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lot of discussion about what we can do to make that sixth street corridor even safer. and what else? i'll just go into what the chief reported, what retestified to in the bipartisan regarding the straw purchase. i'll explain that a little bit. that is when a weapon is purchased by someone who can legitimately purchase that weapon or they give it to a purpose who is prohibited from having weapons or an out of town buyer bringing it across state lines. i know the chief had described a gun trafficking ring in which a convicted felon recruited his
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girlfriend and her father to buy over 100 guns and ship them from atlanta to california. the guns wound up in the hands of kids and one of those guns was used in the murder of the chief of lapd. i am open to my questions about what i just discussed and there's also two other presentations following. >> if there's any questions for the chief regarding the statistics and recent events. >> thank you for the report and filling in for the chief while he does this important trip. it good to know the sixth street substation was open. was there a ribbon cutting for it? >> on friday there was a grand
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opening of the public safety hub. we're trying to get away from substation because it's a collaboration of a number of public safety agencies, not just the police department. >> i'm glad you're giving us the right terminology. i missed it and i would be really excited to see it in person so i'm just proposed for the commissioners that we do a tourover it and we don't -- we do it with the right number of commissioners. any other commissioners interested? so we have three and we can take turns going in there just to see the community partnership. the reason why i think it'd be helpful is we've had quite a bit of testimony from the merchants on sixth street and i think it's important to see it so we can talk about it in firsthand experience.
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>> i was by there just recently this week so i've been so i don't need another tour. >> and then i don't know if i fully caught the piece about the guns that was used in the shooting of the pd. can you go through that more. >> the guns were purchased in georgia and were brought illegally into california and the guns were sold to people prohibited from owning guns and they're called straw purchases. so they legally buy the weapons and sell the guns to people prohibited from possessing a firearm. and i failed to report the atf was highly involved in that investigation also. it wasn't just san francisco police department, but that is one of the major concerns that we have
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is the flow of guns from another states coming into california. >> that's what chief is testifying? >> yes. >> okay. thank you. >> mr. kingsly. >> thank you for your report and for being here. regarding the collaboration of various safety participants in this hub on sixth and market -- is this the first time, is this the first collaborative safety hub we've created in san francisco? or are there others... >> this is not a new concept to the police department. we're always looking in collaboration with our other public safety partners, not only with local but federal too. but this is one of the first we 've opened up on the sixth street corridor, which is a very challenging area. so we want to bring all the assistance
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that people may need on sixth street to prevent them from committing crimes. >> it's a terrific idea. i just wasn't aware that this was something that we had actively in place in the city elsewhere. thank you. >> on the straw purchases, can you tell us -- to me it's a little confusing. how do they break the chain of ownership so that -- if you purchase a gun and assuming it's immediately traceable back to the person who purchased it? is it reported stolen or are the serial numbers removed. >> all of those. legitimately guns can be sold that are legal in california. you can
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purchase a /weup. it then requires -- but once you purchase a weapon, you have it in hand, what happens to it after that -- a number of things can happen. it can be taken in a burglary from you, you can sell it to a friend, you can give it away. and then the tracing of that gun become more difficult. we know who the gun was sold to out there. we also have a number of tracing through our crime lab on rounds or bullets that were shot, but as far as the guns themselves, once they are sold and -- legally, what happens to that gun after that is a whole /phr*et bunch of things that can happen. >> on the police commission we have been hearing a lot about
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the increase in robberies as you heard from chief. it seems that most of the robberies are for cell phones and iphones. in fact, every morning monroe sends us the daily recap so it lists all the major crimes -- stabbing, shooting -- but it includes robberies and we get this and we read through it and we look through it, and through march 10 through this morning there have been 19 robberies for cell phone. they are not all just robberies, but some of these people have had guns put in their face. a lot of these the person has been thrown to the ground and punched in the face and have had injuries. and this is just since march 9. some of these people have been wrestled to the ground, their pockets have been searched,
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they've been smacked in the head by multiple people. these are people being robbed for a cell phone. we had a meeting two weeks ago and captain was addressing that issue and he addressed tips to avoid street robberies. and we heard from the public. there's a lot of concern regarding the raising cell phone robbery issue. it's having an adverse impact on their lives. i thought, what can we do besides the tips that we'll hear tonight about eliminating these robberies. what can we do to turn these iphones into a brick with no resale value and we wan reach
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out to the manufacturer and ask them to turn the phone off once they're stolen. can't they shut it down so there's absolutely no resale value. we're not getting an answer to that question. it's putting our public and officers at risk. we really don't have the time to track stolen cell phones. if there's 1900 cell phones stolen a year in san francisco, that's a lot of police time. so seems to me there's a simple solution. i know da is on top of this solution himself, but i can't see that there's i think a pretty simple answer to this. so if the police department could provide their /subgss --
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suggestions and ideas. and i have to tell you that they know there's a problem. the best security in the city is at an apple store. they know there's a problem and they're putting the public at risk. captain.
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obviously having technical difficulties. i'm captain joe and i'm the captain of major crimes unit which covers narcotics, homicide gang task force so i'm very well aware of the robberies and cell phone robberies that happen on a daily basis. i con /kupcur with your findings on what we see on these reports everyday. in fact today there was five reports and they were all object iphones and they were all about these thefts of them. i do have some statistics that i will show you about these iphone robberies and get into the bricking that you brought up as the main thing. always have a back up. these are jus
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some of the statistics and from february 154 cell phones, january 187, 2-23 around november which is right around the christmas holidays. in october 176 and september 162. there's been a slight decrease in 'em because we've caught a few of these series of these robberies, one just over the weekend involving shotgun robberies of iphones and these guys were responsible for numerous robberies of iphones. what we found out from the people we've captured in these cases is that the iphone has become the hatest trend

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